Baily Labs is a venture studio that combines the advantages and attributes of corporate venture, strategy, innovation, design, and software teams - under one roof.

Baily Labs is based in Dublin, Ireland and is independently owned and managed. Our core team leverage a vetted, scaleable network of 100+ global specialists including data science, research, design and engineering professionals.

Named after a lighthouse in Dublin bay, Baily Labs was born in 2016 from the belief that there is a better way to catalyse new digital ventures.

We do this by bringing interdisciplinary experience together in agile, high-performance teams, and by placing a high value on:

  • product innovation
  • systems thinking
  • skin in the game
  • experimentation
  • quick iterations
  • emerging technologies
  • feedback
  • risk-adjusted investment
  • outcome-driven projects

The lion's share of our work is for internal investments - and we do collaborate with other teams when the opportunity makes sense. Sound interesting? Reach out and let's discuss your project.

Our team are led by Cian and Niall.

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